Talley Metal Fabrication was opened under its former name, Upson Metal, in 1962 by Bob Upson. Mr. Upson ran the company for 23 years successfully gaining recognition in the ornamental iron industry; he also worked with structural steel and electric gates for local contractors. The company was passed on to Mr. Upson's son Wesley in 1983, and continued to be run primarily as an ornamental iron provider. Upson Metal maintained around 15 employees for the duration of the Upson's ownership. In 1997, Wesley passed away due to poor health conditions he had struggled with since childhood.

Joe Talley, one of Wesley's close friends, had worked at Upson Metal since around the age of 13. He went on to earn a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. After earning his degree, and while his friends were all heading off to large companies,  Joe returned to the little steel company he was so familiar with. He was the General Manager at the time of Wesley's passing and went on to purchase the company from Wesley's widow. Soon after that, Upson Metal (now Talley Metal Fabrication), moved to a new location and began a period of rapid growth. Within 3 years the 29 employee company turned into a 50+ employee company, and in another 7 years it was up to 80 employees.

Talley Metal Fabrication is a 'one stop shop' for general contractors. Capable of building and erecting structural steel on a project to providing all ornamental iron and electric entry gates if required. For the past 15 years, Talley Metal has purposely remained a mid sized company, allowing it to serve customers in every facet of iron working, which most larger and smaller company's cannot do. The company works with larger general contractors, housing projects, as well as everything from apartment complexes to custom work for individuals.